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The Nomi Darling Show #2

On Episode #2 of The Nomi Darling Show, Nomi has a housewarming party where she ...

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Transition Radio TV #87

On Transition Radio TV #87, Mark Angelo is joined by Paola Gonzalez, who identifies as ...

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On STR8/NOTSTR8 #31, Joe and James discuss ESPN reporting on Michael Sam’s showering habits, Judges ...

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The Fantastic Show #59

On The Fantastic Show #59, Daveo Falaveo goes over the most common Grindr phrases gone ...

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Transition Radio TV #86

On Transition Radio TV #86, Mark Angelo interviews Nolan Rhoderick, who is 19 years old and ...

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On STR8/NOTSTR8 #30, Joe discovers the Secret app, and in the news James and Joe ...

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The Fantastic Show #58

On The Fantastic Show #58, Daveo Falaveo discovers the Secret app, and he and Joe ...

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Dirty Talk #56

On Dirty Talk #56, David and Cleedys discuss if you’ve been getting it on and ...

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Are We Good People?

A person is born pure of heart. From the age of understanding he or she ...

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Online Dating: The Odds are Good! But the Goods are Odd…

And I’m no exception. Here are some tips that can lead to a regular thing ...

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I’ll have the Kim Kardashian Hollywood App and the Beyoncé Entree

Why write Kardashian fan fiction when you can live it? This girl gets to do ...

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My Take On Pittsburgh Gay Bars

I am fortunate enough to live in a city with seemingly endless options when it ...

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Mariah Carey Is The Ultimate Pop Star

Time Magazine has named octave vaulting diva Mariah Carey as the ultimate pop star. Time ...

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Lost & Found: Chynna Phillips – “Naked and Sacred”

Chynna Phillips was born in Los Angeles, California to John and Michelle Phillips (the Mamas ...

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Amelia Lily Says Her New Album Will Sound Like “California” #sadface

Well, I hate to say it but I’ve officially lost interest in Amelia Lily’s new ...

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Tears For Fears Announces U.S. Tour Dates

U.K. synth pop group Tears For Fears will be heading our way next month! The ...

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Seattle Rolls Out the Rainbow Carpet for Zachary and Samuel

When Zac Baker and Sam Busch, of St. Paul, MN, got engaged last December, they ...

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Berlin’s Openly Gay Mayor Resigns After Making the City Cool

According to Gay Travel, 1 in 10 of the city’s residents are gay or bisexual, ...

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How Gay Men Feel About Aging

In a recent series of interviews, Christopher Hajek, a communications professor at the University of ...

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Judges Take Tough Tone at Gay Marriage Hearing

He balked when the Wisconsin assistant attorney general, Timothy C. Samuelson, repeatedly pointed to tradition ...

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